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Burnout to a better life online course

Experiencing memory loss? Always tired and exhausted with no desire for anything. Always working? It shouldn´t be like this.
You deserve a better life!

In this course we cover everything that could help with burnout, we go over our schedule, what drains our energy, boundaries, how to improve our relationships, as well as which supplements and other tools can help along the way. No time frame. You do it when you feel like it. 

- private 1:1 coaching session with coach Anna Claessen
- access to the course
- private facebook group

- workbook
All this for only 145$

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Do you only want coaching?
Anna Claessen burnout coach is here for you

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Lecturer: Anna Claessen, Coach

- DBT, Gestalt, Yin Yoga 2022
- Hot Yoga Teacher Training and Body Reroll 2021
- Happiness, Co-Dependency and Relationship coaching 
- Personal Training  2020
- Absolute Training Teacher Training2020
- Yoga Nidra Teacher Training 2020
- NLP, HAM (CBT) and Rapid Transformational Therapy 2020
- NBI, Reiki and Gong sound healing 2019
- Executive Coach 2018 from University of Iceland (Coach U)

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