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Anna Claessen was the youngest person to speak in the University of Iceland in 1999. 

She received three Dale Carnigie Certificates, one as a student at Dale Carnigie Class and because of her talent was then chosen an Assistant twice.  

While talking about her experience in "Auður Í krafti kvenna", a program which encouraged young girls to form their own companies, she received a standing ovation in the largest theater in Iceland. 

In 2008, Claessen was chosen to present "The Teacher of the Year Award" at her Graduation from Webster University Vienna and a year later presented the dancestudio Casomai at a Women´s Career Network meeting with a great response. Because of her open, friendly and enthusiastic personality she was considered the perfect candidate. 

In 2010 she started the Facebook site Brighten Your Day. She received a scholarship from PhilosophersNotes and received her coaching degree at University of Reykjavik in 2018 (Coach U grad). Claessen finished her Reiki and NBI assessment in 2019. 

She blogs about life and the life lesson she learns along the way and would be happy to talk about that as well, see

If you want her to speak at your next event, write to

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